Field of Dreams


We are really back into the swing of things, so much so that the tan is fading fast!

The track continues to be very busy and the number of pups arriving to be schooled at Dunham is on the increase too.
It is great to see the whippet fraternity use these facilities more and more, this week the track record for the whippets has dropped again and is now 17.36

The first pup ever to be schooled at Dunham is called Field of Dreams, he went from here to Doncaster where he did an A2 time in his first trial, after that he clocked an open class sprint trial time and has now gone to Charlie Lister no less.
Field of Dreams is only 17 months old but has unlimited potential and we wish the connections the very best of luck with him.

Vodka Tonic

We had a lovely holiday in Portugal, the place was great, the sun was hot and the Vodka Tonics were LARGE!
Everything has gone smoothly whilst we have been away, the staff have been brilliant and the rest was much appreciated.
All the puppies are thriving and we had our first winner at Nottingham this week when Dunham Hathor (bred by ourselves) won her A6.

We did’nt have to wait long for the next winners as Clash Diesigirl, Rother Amber and Dunham Angel have all done the business since...happy days.