Jan 2010

A nice double

Well fingers crossed we are over the worst of the awful weather and looking forward to getting caught up with things.
We were delighted with two of our youngsters on Saturday night as both brother and sister won.  Dunham Dazzler had his third race and won having also won his second giving him two out of three, good lad. Then his sister Dunham Dancer who was having her first race came out well enough and then took it up at the third bend and just flew home, absolutely smashing.
All our pups are coming on a treat and glad to be out enjoying the freedom again. The tiny ones are already six weeks old and weigh around three kilos!!!

Unfortunately we were unable to attend Charlie Lister’s birthday celebration down at Nottingham track due to feeling unwell, but I hear he had a good night.... Happy Birthday Charlie.


Happy Brrrr New Year

We wish you all a very healthy ,Happy New Year.

Not a very good start is it. We are unable to do much at the moment the best thing we can do is keep all the dogs warm and take them out when we can.

The last lot of snow was so deep we were able to let the dogs out in the paddocks for five minutes just to have a play, which they absolutely loved. The pups got rid of some of that pent up energy and were soon asleep afterwards the older dogs all loved it too.

I have a saying "There is always a silver lining" in this case I am struggling, the only one I can find is for our staff, this weather means we cant do so much so their working day is shorter. We are all certainly looking forward to the end of this cold spell.