Merry Christmas


Well Its been a better week this week Fancy is still with us and enjoying all the extra treats she's getting. The pups are fed up of staying in they remind me of little school kids with all their pent up energy bickering with each other (who'd be a school teacher) they are all longing for the thaw,like the rest of us. We wormed Tipi's (Footfield Stocks) babies for the first time on Tuesday it always makes me laugh the first time you do them they are totally not expecting it. Their little faces wrinkle up and they shake their heads, ill have to record it one day it really is so funny.

I could do with a sewing machine, why is it you put coats on the dogs to help keep them lovely and snuggly and they just chew them off? You just cant help some dogs even some of the older, wiser ones chew them!!!!!!

We haven't been able to do any schooling due to the weather but as I say there is always a silver lining,as I've been able to have a couple of hours off and get caught up with the paperwork and even buy the odd present.

That just leaves me to wish all our owners, friends and acquaintances A VERY HAPPY CHRISTMAS and a happy and healthy NEW YEAR .


Highs and Lows

I have had an emotional roller coaster of a week, firstly I took two old dears to the vets, they were both the same age (10 1/2) and have had some of their pups born, bred and raced here with us. Weirdly they both had the same thing wrong with them, cancer.  
Fancy (Kilcannon Fancy) has it visible under her tummy while Ka (Coomlagane Ka) had it higher up inside her groin. Ka had began loosing weight but was still eating well and appeared to be herself, we did the usual things like worming checked her motions and temprature but all seemed ok yet still her weight was dropping off.
On the Sunday her owners came over from Huddersfield to see her and I raised my concerns with them and decided to see the vet. The next day Fancy was laying on her bed legs in the air when we saw her cluster of lumps. The appointment was made and the diagnosis was cancer.
I brought them both home to make them comforable and keep a close eye on them but unfortunately it was to be only a couple of days before Ka deteriorated badly and I took her back to the vets to end any suffering.

I can not explain how much it upset me to do this and then to ring her owners up (Trevor & Maurren Kaye) and tell them and it still does she was an absolute darling in all the time we had her not once did she ever bark or fall out with her mate or neighbour.
Fancy is still with us she is eating well and happy enjoying all the extra treats, bless her.
Tipi (Footfield Stocks who belongs to Dave & I together with Fuz & Val Farrow) had her pups she started very early in the morning and had three, two females one male It is her first litter and she seemed to be coping really well and the pups all seemed fine, however Tippi was not producing milk properly . 
We had another visit to the vets & thankfully after an injection all is now ok and the pups are thriving.

Due to a contact of David & Pam Allmarks we were very pleased and excited to welcome a new arrival last Thursday, an August 09 bitch pup out of Farloe Oyster x Droopys Scolari Royalty no less. We are calling her Dunham Queen (Queenie) we might race her but her future is to be having plenty of pups, fingers crossed she throws some offspring like her mother has, time will tell.
We are very grateful not only to get this opportunity to acquire such outstanding breeding but also to David & Pam who have purchased a half share together with myself and Dave.


Christmas Cards





Great To See

Last weekend I went along with some of my owners to the Midland RGT Christmas Fayre. It was great, the sun came out the, the rain stopped for several hours and we parted with some money for charity. We tucked into mince pies and cakes, tea and coffee.

While we were there I met up with some of our former race dogs Gus and King, it was absolutely brilliant to see them, they looked fantastic, so loved and well cared for, maybe not at their racing weight now but they are entitled to put on a bit of poundage now they have retired .
Ben (Break Away Now) Nana (Banna Tidings) used to kennel together here and are still together which is lovely. Cinders (Clash Cinders) now lives with a Labrador bless her. Stella (Stella Star) lives with another greyhound and is still as lively as ever when the other dog has had enough and wants her to calm down he just presses her down with his head, which made me laugh. Ollies’ (Clash Have It) owner was working hard selling cards, calendars and lots of other bits and bobs. I bought lots of cards and some have photos of a couple of our former race dogs on them which I thought you would like to see.(pic here coming soon)

The new pups are settling in really well, they are lovely and right fatties. Four of them shall begin schooling next week as they are starting to get used to us now.

Chutney (Lady Poacher) had her second race at the weekend and won(yeah!!) she finished well in the heavy going so that's got her off the mark. Now one of her sisters is going to have her first race on Friday Judy (Judy Jude) so good luck to her and her owners.

Amber (Rother Amber) also won at the weekend her owners were in the restaurant everyone in there would of heard their cheers well done Amber.