Aug 2009

More Little Beauties

Below are photos of Groovy Molly and her Clash Harmonica pups. They where born through the night starting at 11.15 pm on 28th August. We have whelped her for Jon & Helen Harrison, there are 4 bitches & 3 Dogs all are a nice size mother and pups are doing really well.




Whats Occuring?

Nottingham grading trials are going nicely, the dogs are adapting extremely well to their new track, we have a busy day tomorrow with over 20 trialers!
Myself and Dave are taking a weeks holiday next week and are off to Portugal, however its business as usual at Dunham and Fuzz will be manning the phones.
Unfortunately last week Clash Alive lost one of her pups, we now have 2 dogs and two bitches but they are doing fantastically well (all of them are between 700gr-800gr).

New Arrivals

We have had some new arrivals in the past week, Clash Alive (Tucks Mein x Clash Minnie) has whelped a litter of 3 bitches and 2 dogs to the 2004 Produce Stakes winner Robbie De Niro.
I am delighted to report that mother and pups are doing really well.


Goodbye Sheffield...Hello Nottingham

This is a very important time at Dunham Greyhound Centre, with the track now up and running and proving to be very popular, we have decided to leave Sheffield Greyhound Stadium and accept a position at Nottingham. The travelling distance of the two track is probably the same but Nottingham is possibly a little easier to get to. I first started out as an owner at Nottingham and had a lot of success, to be going back as a trainer fills me with a lot of pride and a real sense of achievement.

I must thank Rachel Corden for the opportunity to run at Colwick Park, I have been very impressed with the rapport between management and trainers and very much look forward to a new chapter in my training career.
I would especially like to thank my owners who have remained incredibly loyal to the kennel and 99% of the dogs will be switching to Nottingham with me.

We have started to trial a few on at Nottingham and I am currently working a notice at Sheffield so things are a little hectic at the moment to say the least.

At this time I would like to express my gratitude to Sheffield, it has been a brilliant place to be a trainer, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time there and will miss everyone that made it my home for so long.

I’ve just been given my final leaving date from Sheffield, it will be Friday 21st August.


Welcome eveyone to my new site and Blog. As you can see there have been many changes at the kennels. We recently opened a state of the art track for the public to use to trial their dogs. Things have been very hectic of late as we gradually turn Field House Kennels into Dunham Greyhound Centre where you can have pups reared, schooled and trained all under one roof so to speak.My blog will concern events specifically to the training side of things. There will be frequent posts and images documenting happenings at Owlerton Stadium as well as my kennels, I hope our owners find it a useful source of information and we will from time to time announce dog of the month and feature its owner too.