(1) The Dunham Racing Club ("the Club") confers on the Member (for the duration of their subscription with the Club) certain benefits associated with the Club's ownership of the Greyhounds in training as well as the Greyhound Puppies as identified on the website. The benefits are as follows:-

(a) an opportunity to follow every one of the Greyhounds owned by the Club
(b) to have access to the Club section of the website where full details of news and events concerning the greyhounds will be made available on a daily basis
(c) each subscribing member will receive a Club Pass to gain entry into Nottingham Greyhound Stadium on any race night.
(d) A PDF copy of the Club Application Form and Direct Debit Mandate can be downloaded from the Payments Page

(2) Membership is effective for a full period of 12 months from whatever date the Member joins.

(a) If a member wishes to pay for a full 12 months upfront, they will receive a discount of 1 month.
(b) Also options are available to pay for 3 months membership (£75), 6 months membership (£150) via Paypal on the payments page of the website.

(3) Upon completion of the first 12 months membership period, any Member who decides to renew, will be entitled to a loyalty discount from the full cost of membership.

(4) All membership fees and prize money accrued by Club greyhounds will be used to purchase new stock, contribute to social events exclusive to Club members and pay for the training fees, vets fees and welfare costs of the Club's greyhounds

(5) Membership is primarily for the enjoyment of greyhound racing and should not be regarded as a money making opportunity

(6) If the Member chooses not to renew at the end of the 12 months period, the membership shall expire. There is no commitment to remain a Member after the 12 months period has expired.

(7) The membership fee shall include access to a private blog area of the website giving exclusive insights into all of the Club's Greyhounds.

(8) The Club will have a minimum of 12 greyhounds in its ownership. Each dog is selected as a club dog by the Chairman of the Club. All decisions on the careers of the Club dogs will be made by the trainer of the greyhound

(9) Hospitality at Nottingham Greyhound Track is available at standard commercial rates, however it is the Clubs intention to provide organised Club race nights with exclusive use of Executive Boxes for members on a bi monthly basis courtesy of the Club.

(10) All advanced racecards are published on Dunham Greyhound Centre's website, information about Club runners will be available on the Club Blog page of the site.

(11) Any changes to the terms and conditions of the Club will be posted on the Club Blog and be available to download via PDF from the website.

(12) Membership is for personal use only and can be withdrawn at anytime for inappropriate behaviour at a Racetrack or Kennels.

(13) All information, images and content is copyright of Dunham Racing Club unless otherwise stated.

(14) Members must be aged 16 or over.